30.08.2009 20:08:37
něco o Tecne
favourite food: spinach
favourite colour: light-blue
favourite videogames!
favourite pet: dolphins
Ideal boyfriend: Timmy
bestfriends: Musa and Timmy
favourite moovies: sci-fi
I love: doing inventions
I hate: nothing
favourite music: pop & jazz
favourite shoes: comfortable!
favourite subject: electromagic
favourite spell: Laser Ray
autor Martina Capratová @  
30.08.2009 20:08:03
něco o Muse
favourite food: spicy food!
favourite colour: yellow
favourite hobby: playing & singing!
favourite pet: golden fish!
Ideal boyfriend: Riven, when he is in a good mood.
bestfriends: Tecna and... Riven (when he is in a good mood)
favourite moovies: comedies and videoclips!br /> I love: learning to play new instruments!
I hate: arguing with Riven
favourite music: hip-hop, r&b, jazz, rock and classical music!
favourite shoes: sneakers
favourite subject: Musical Creation
favourite spell: Sonic Wave .
autor Martina Capratová @  
30.08.2009 20:07:14
něco o Laile
favourite food: pasta!
favourite colour: orange
favourite hobby: sports!
favourite pet: horses...
Ideal boyfriend: Nabu..
bestfriends: Flora and Nabu!
favourite moovies: adventure movies...
I love: swimming for hours!
I hate: potionology.
favourite music: r&b, pop, hip hop
favourite shoes: sneakers
favourite subject: magical gym and dance lessons
favourite spell: Morphix
autor Martina Capratová @  
30.08.2009 20:06:53
něco o Floře
favourite food: home-made cakes!
favourite colour: pink
favourite hobby: gardening!
favourite pet: butterflies...
Ideal boyfriend: Helia..
bestfriends: Aisha and Helia!
favourite moovies: romantic movies...
I love: staying with my plants!
I hate: shopping with Stella :-).
favourite music: raggae
favourite shoes: soft slippers!
favourite subject: botany
favourite spell: Giant Nettles.
autor Martina Capratová @  
30.08.2009 20:05:24
něco o Stelle
favourite food: chips
favourite colour: green
favourite hobby: shopping, shopping and shopping again!
favourite pet: all little puppies...
Ideal boyfriend: my lovely Brandon...
bestfriends: Bloom and Brandon!
favourite movies: comedies!
I love: mhmh, shopping??
I hate: not doing shopping..
favourite music: anything that makes me dance!
favourite shoes: all. One for each occasion!
favourite subject: must i choose? Metamorphology
favourite spell: Moon Ray!
autor Martina Capratová @  
30.08.2009 20:01:41
něco o Bloom
favourite food: pizza
favourite colour: red
favourite hobby: reading books about spells!
favourite pet: my little Kiko
Ideal boyfriend: Sky!
bestfriends: Stella and... Sky!
favourite movies: Romantic comedies
I love: playing with Kiko
I hate: tidy my bedroom up...
favourite music: pop
favourite shoes: comfortable, but stylish too!!
favourite subject: potionology
favourite spell: Dragon's Flame
autor Martina Capratová @  
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